St. Michael's Episcopal School

COVID-19/School Operations Updates

We are closely monitoring the spread of the virus. The safety of our St. Michael’s community is our top priority and we are grateful for our partnership with our families as we work to keep our community healthy. We are completely confident in our wonderful community’s ability to adapt and thrive during these challenging times. As we navigate the pandemic together, let us be intentional about patience, kindness, grace, and love, as these epitomize our DRAGONS’ values — the foundation of our St. Michael’s community.

Pandemic Policies for the Start of the 2021-22 School Year

COVID-19 Reporting Form

Please inform the School IMMEDIATELY via the COVID-19 Reporting Form link below if someone in your family has been exposed or is being tested for COVID-19. The confidentiality of the diagnosed student or teacher will be maintained.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you submit your COVID reporting form AFTER HOURS or ON A WEEKEND, please keep your child HOME until you hear from Nurse Maben on the next school day.

COVID Reporting Form

COVID-19 Exposure Flowchart/Action Steps

Below please find an updated handy flowchart that outlines protocols regarding how to respond if someone in your family has a known COVID exposure or is experiencing COVID-like symptoms. The first steps should always be to stay home, call your doctor, complete our COVID Reporting form above, and contact Nurse Maben at [email protected] or 804-272-3514, x110.

How to Respond to a KNOWN EXPOSURE to COVID-19


REMEMBER your off-campus choices can affect the entire St M community. We urge you to continue to prioritize safe health practices (masks, physical distancing, hand-washing, limiting larger group sizes) so that we have the best chance of keeping our community healthy and our school doors open. We cannot overstate how important this is.

It is also important that parents and caretakers understand the effect their own behavior can have on children. As calm begets calm, modeling calmness and optimism, as well as maintaining normal routines as best as families can in these unusual times, will help children feel more at ease. Thank you for supporting us and each other—the St. Michael’s community remains as resilient and caring as ever. For that, we couldn’t be more grateful!