St. Michael's Episcopal School

Our campus is closed, our LEARNING CONTINUES!
School updates re: Remote Learning and the COVID-19 virus may be found under our NEW COVID-19 Communications webpage.

Discover St. Michael’s! Our Admissions team welcomes inquiries and is happy to answer any questions about our vibrant curriculum, culture, and community.
Prospective families may reach out to Betty Isaacs, Director of Admissions. Thank you for your interest!

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The St. Michael’s Singleton Campus

10510 Hobby Hill Road
Richmond, Virginia 23235
phone: 804. 272.3514
fax: 804. 955. 4187

Staff Listing

Click on the names below to communicate via email or call the school office at 804. 272. 3514.

Bob Gregg Head of School 804.272.3514, ext 152
Betty Isaacs Director of Admissions 804. 272. 3514 ext 309
Alison Roussy Admissions Associate-Middle School 804. 272. 3514 ext 117
Mary King Coleman Senior Development Officer 804. 272. 3514 ext 118
James Romanik Director of Development 804. 272. 3514 ext 119
Anne McCoy Advancement Assistant 804. 272. 3514 ext 122
Mike Jackson Director of Finance and Facilities 804. 272. 3514 ext 307
Andrea Amore Director of Communications 804. 272. 3514 ext 120
Dave Grossman Director of Technology 804. 272.3514 ext 157
Merrill Geier Lower School Director 804. 272. 3514 ext 306
Jessica Stargell Middle School Director 804. 272. 3514 ext 153
Wally Kern Athletic Director 804. 272. 3514 ext 401
Anne Bridgforth Lower School Division Assistant 804. 272. 3514
Erbie Godwin Middle School Division Assistant 804. 272. 3514
Ashley Buffey Director of Extended Programs 804. 272. 3514 ext. 404

Faculty Listing

Click on the names below to communicate via email or call the school office at 804. 272. 3514.


Lower School Director
Merrill Geier

Annette Adams
Christy Somerville
Charlotte Howard, Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
Sarah Dunaway, Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

First Grade
Keith Mitchell
Alison Reining
Elizabeth Miller, First Grade Teaching Assistant

Kensey Jones
Robin Wozniak

Kelley Hettrick
Mary Shirl Eaton

Gale Bockisch
Angie Rowe

Kimberly Campbell
Cynthia Slate

Emerson Underwood – Fifth Grade Science and Design
Adrienne Tate – Lower School Humanities


Middle School Director
Jessica Stargell

Middle School Faculty
Rebekah O’Dell – MS English
Margaret Anne Hazelton – MS English
Samantha Futrell – MS Social Studies
Reid McBride – MS Social Studies
Bridget Evans – MS Math and Sixth Grade Science
Sandra Guyer – MS Math
Ben Hayward – MS Math
Tim Winkler – MS Science
Elisa Bennett – MS Spanish
Cristina Whitaker – MS Spanish

Lisa Craig – Visual Art
Christian Hansen – School Chaplain, Religion & Values
Wally Kern – Physical Education
Katherine Martin – Physical Education
Philip Tickle – Music
Dawn Childs – Music
Carol Wise – Library/Information Literacy
Mary Carpenter – Library/Information Literacy
Wells Bridgforth – Design
Sarah Munro – Lower School Technology and Keyboarding