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  • Head of School Update Regarding Plan to Return to Full-Day, On-Campus Learning -September 24

    On November 30, St Michael’s intends to transition back to full-day in-person instruction for all students every school day. Below please find a Head of School Update dated September 24.

    St. Michael’s will host a Zoom meeting for parents on the evening of Wednesday, September 30, at 6:30 p.m. to review the plan for all-day, in-person instruction, and answer questions. (Questions should be submitted in advance.) Call login information will be emailed to families.

  • Dr. Hilton, Consulting Psychologist

    Welcome, Dr. Hilton!
    Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Kim Hilton as she joins our staff team as our consulting psychologist/ school counselor.

    In her role as St M’s consulting psychologist, Dr. Hilton will support classroom and school-wide efforts to address social and emotional development for students. She is available to work directly with students who may be experiencing challenges in navigating friendships, regulating their emotions, managing increasing feelings of worry and anxiety, coping with grief, loss, and change, and other life stressors. She will also consult with faculty and administration regarding best practices for supporting students’ social, emotional, and academic functioning. Finally, she is available and happy to consult with parents and guardians to explore, address, and support your children’s individual needs. Following are details on how to connect with Dr. Hilton.

    When? On-campus hours: Mondays, 1p.m.- 4 p.m. and Thursdays, 8:30a.m.-11:30 a.m.
    Where? Office in the Hubbard Hall front office area
    How to communicate? Email [email protected]

  • COVID-19 Reporting Form

    Please inform the School IMMEDIATELY via the COVID-19 Reporting Form link below if someone in your family has been exposed or is being tested for COVID-19. The confidentiality of the diagnosed student or teacher will be maintained.

  • Pandemic Dress Code

    While St. Michael’s has an important tradition of a Dress Code, these are extraordinary times. As we will be taking greater advantage of St. Michael’s 70-acre campus and outdoor spaces for physical-distance learning and movement, and as locker rooms must be closed, we are allowing athletic wear for school dress until further notice. NOTE: St. Michael’s will revert back to our traditional Dress Code once pandemic restrictions are lifted.

    Pandemic Relaxed Dress Code Guidelines:

    • No spaghetti straps, tank tops, torn clothing, cut-outs/frays, big logos large than 2 inches, sleepwear, inappropriate language/symbols, necklines lower than the armpit, or short shorts.
    • Shorts/skorts/skirts must be fingertip length. Leggings must be worn with a tunic top. Pants and shorts should be worn at the waist.
    • Hats and sunglasses may only be worn outside. Undergarments should be concealed. Extreme hairstyles, facial hair, facial piercings, and hair colors not occurring in nature not permitted.
    • Closed-toed shoes that will stand up to outdoor learning/activities are also required. Everything should be school appropriate.
    • School administrators are the final arbiters for what is (not) considered appropriate dress.
  • Fall Re-Opening Update

    St. Michael’s is very pleased to share the details of our school reopening plan (dated August 5).

    Click HERE for Our School Reopening Plan

    2020-21 Major Dates Calendar -UPDATED Oct 1

    Communications Updates (by date)

    Given the quickly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, check link below for St. Michael’s latest news, updates, and resources.

    Covid-19 and School Re-Opening Resources

  • A Message to Our Community In Troubled Times

    Below please find our full message to our St M community on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    A Message to Our Community In Troubled Times

  • All SUMMER 2020 Communications During Covid-19

    • All parent communications and School announcements information REGARDING SCHOOL RE-OPENING PLANS (during the COVID-19 pandemic) may be found under “NEWS” under “COVID 19 Information.”
    • Sunday newsletter communications may be found under “Community” under “This Week at St M.”
    • Remote Learning information may be found under “Programs.”
    • Summer Assignments and Back to School forms may be found under “Community” under “Summer/Back to School/.”
  • Key Dates for the Upcoming 2020-21 School Year

    For planning purposes, below please find key dates for the 2020-2021 school year -UPDATED October 1.

  • Student and Family Handbook for 2019-2020

    NOTE: The 2020-21 Handbook will be ready in early September.

    The St. Michael’s Handbook offers comprehensive information about School policies and procedures.
    For reference, here is the handbook from the previous school year.

  • Weekly E-Newsletter

    Have you read the latest issue of This Week at St. Michael’s? Stay informed or catch up on previous issues at your convenience.

    Read the Newsletter

  • St. Michael's Episcopal Church

    St. Michael’s Episcopal Church invites the School community to attend scheduled church events. Please visit the Church website for details.

  • Admissions

    St. Michael’s is currently accepting applications. Please contact Betty Isaacs, 272-3514, to schedule a visit.

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