St. Michael's Episcopal School

Our Episcopal Identity

As an Episcopal school, St. Michael’s places love at the center of our learning community. As love is an ACTION, we act out of love, teach love, model love, and love one another without exceptions and with the goal of creating a welcoming, inclusive school family.

We model ACCEPTANCE of self and others as unique, valuable members of the world community. We honor values that UNITE people rather than those that divide. We encourage reverence for each other’s beliefs. We welcome all faith traditions, embracing ALL with charity, kindness, compassion, and respect. Episcopal schools like St. Michael’s are populated by a rich variety of human beings, from diverse religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

As an independent school, St. Michael’s Episcopal identity is expressed through the following principles and ideas as articulated by the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES):

  • School Worship that is creative, inclusive, draws fully upon the liturgical resources of The Episcopal Church, and is a regular part of school life for all faculty and students.
  • Community Life, in which reflection, prayer, and matters of the spirit are honored and cultivated and the physical, mental, and emotional health of all are supported and nurtured.
  • Religious Formation and Study that is meaningful and age-appropriate, and fosters dialogue with other faith traditions.
  • Social Justice, which is the integration of the ideals and concepts of equity, justice, and a just society throughout the life of the school; the embracing and honoring of diversity; and the inclusion of community service and service-learning as an integral part of the life of the school.