St. Michael's Episcopal School

Lunch Menus/Online Ordering


At St. Michael’s, students may bring their own lunch or pre-purchase lunch in advance through our hot lunch program.

Dear St. Michael’s Families,

We are excited to announce that St. Michael’s has secured a new hot lunch Vendor for 2024, Schoolhouse Fare. This hot lunch provider currently works with schools in eight states and is excited to work with St. Michael’s and several other independent schools in Richmond.

The plan is to do a one-month trial with this company, starting Monday, February 5, to ensure that they can meet our School’s hot lunch needs effectively.

Menus will be posted on January 23, and ordering is NOW for the February 5 launch month. All interested families will need to create an account. In mid-February, we will send out a parent survey asking for feedback.

About School House Fare

School House Fare has prided itself on providing a convenient school lunch program that offers nutritional lunch selections in addition to popular lunch items for children. Since 2007, Schoolhouse Fare has provided over a million school lunches to approximately 2,000 students in charter and private schools located across the nation.

School House Fare offers high-quality nutritional menu options from popular, national, and local restaurants and caterers. With the daily healthier options of fruits, vegetables, low-fat proteins, and healthy grains, the menu includes good old standbys that students love – chicken nuggets, pizza, burritos, and tacos – all transfat-free. These favorites are offered grilled, have low-fat cheeses, and whole-wheat options. Schoolhouse Fare’s restaurants and caterers use natural and organic products whenever possible. All food items are nut-free unless otherwise specified.