St. Michael's Episcopal School

Why Choose an Independent School?

At an independent school, and especially at St. Michael’s, your child will be known, nurtured, challenged, and loved.

Families who send their children to an independent school frequently affirm the strength of their child’s experience. Specifically, they highlight the individual attention their child receives, strong relationships between students and teachers, small class size, teacher excellence and high academic standards. They recognize that exceptional schools teach the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, leadership and citizenship and prepare children not for just academic tests, but also for life’s tests.

Research affirms a number of reasons why independent schools are successful, including:
  • High-quality educational experiences that nurture intellectual curiosity and critical thinking
  • Close-knit community
  • Supportive and safe learning environment
  • Individualized attention for students
  • Committed and highly skilled teachers
  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Educational experiences beyond the classroom
  • Actively engaged parents
  • Peer group motivated to learn
  • Values education

Independent schools have the freedom to create programs and environments that are designed specifically for the students they serve. They can stretch, create and be innovative, all the while maintaining adherence to high academic standards.

Independent schools also have unique attributes that translate into superior opportunities and services for students and families. The blend of a mission-driven approach and a resource-rich environment allows independent schools to meet each student’s intellectual, social, and emotional needs. Research also confirms that students who attend an independent school develop critical thinking skills necessary to flourish in future endeavors.

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"I feel grateful to be a part of a community of teachers, staff, parents and students that not only care about educating young minds to think critically and independently, but equally emphasize the importance of gratitude, empathy, compassion and service. I consider St. Michael's to be an extension of my family because we are all committed to communicating and working together to raise children prepared to contribute as positive citizens of our world."

A St. Michael's Parent